QSaltLake commemorative, special, glossy edition


Product Description

Same-sex couples marrying in the Land of Zion was such huge news to our community that QSaltLake produced a special edition (first time) on glossy paper (first time) that we are selling (first time) to benefit Restore Our Humanity, the group who is paying for the attorneys to keep Judge Shelby’s ruling that Utah’s laws and amendment against gay marriage are unconstitutional.

The edition is beautiful and full of stories on who the plaintiff couples are, who Restore Our Humanity is, and many many photos of newly married couples (are you in there?) and more.

We are charging only $5 per issue plus USPS First Class shipping charges of $1.32 per order. QSaltLake will pay for any additional shipping charges if you order more than one.

Order now, as we printed a limited quantity.


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